How to trick online casinos – analysis of fraud and the only possible working scheme

Today, the Internet offers many ways to make money, but not all of them are simple. In order to make good money in online casinos you need to understand the specifics of gambling, to understand which sites are the most profitable and to know many other nuances. But few succeed, and therefore lazy players are looking for information on how to cheat online casinos.

Do not believe fraudsters – it is classic scheme of scam

The basic scheme is reduced to a simple repetition of the algorithm of actions that will help in an unfair way to stay in the black after the game. Usually some info-businessman, in the video shows this scheme and comments on their actions. He shows by example how he manages to earn decently and therefore there are naive users who believe this and give their money to the fraudster.

The methods of cheating roulette are very popular. For example, on the Internet a fairy tale has been wandering for a long time, how can you win back bonuses and stay in the black thanks to the stakes on red, black and zero. The goal of someone who presents such a scheme is to lure a certain circle of users to the target casino and earn money on them, for example, on their affiliate link.

In such cases, you either give extra money for a casino deception course, or you simply carry your hard-earned money into a fraudulent institution. Remember! In no case can not believe such frauds. After all, examples in video or scam articles are dishonest online casinos that run special scripts. Usually these are “one-day sites”, which have a disgusting design, do not have the necessary licenses, and the choice of games in them is very poor. No scheme you received from “experts” will work on scripting sites, and you will easily drain your deposit.

Are there working ways to trick casinos?

Most of the theories presented on the Internet just talk about long-known strategies of the game, diluting them with myths that are not related to reality. Theoretically, you can allow a bug in the software, which makes it possible to use the defect for their own enrichment. But such secrets are not taken to share. Who benefits from talking about the gold vein, if it can be used independently, isn’t it?

The only real way to cheat casinos

In fact, there is an illegal casino game method that allows you to cheat it and get profit from it. This is about repeatedly receiving bonuses places. By the way, you can absolutely honestly get a casino no deposit bonus on some gambling sites. That is, a person registers with a different data in an online gambling club under different data and gets a bonus each time. But, firstly, it is against the law, and, secondly, you can hardly get tangible benefits from this scheme. Even such nuances are well developed in the services of gambling companies. You will encounter the following difficulties if you want to receive bonuses on the same site several times:

  1. Even if the bonuses are credited to your account, they need to be played by a specific wager. That is, when wager x40, you need to put 40 times more in rates than the bonus amount. And without wagering, you won’t win money;
  2. On the other hand, in case of luck, wagering and any earnings, it will be necessary to go through the verification procedure when withdrawing money. This is a check on the authenticity of the person, where player’s documents are most often required (passport scans, driver’s license, as well as utility bills receipts). But sometimes it is necessary to take photos with documents, which in the case of fraud is impossible to do.

But there are some Internet institutions where these pitfalls can be avoided. And thanks to the clever approach to the game, such bonus collectors manage to make substantial profits. Pin Up casino is an example of a reliable platform.