Quietly working on my Bomb Maker

Strange title, isn’t? I don’t actually make bombs although during the last war, a lot of people probably thought i did.

In my KDE days, i used to make a lot of use of an applet called KTeaTime(http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdetoys/kteatime/introduction.html#whats-kteatime). Its a nice little applet that tells you when your tea is ready after you select what type of tea you want. So if you select extra black tea for example, it will remind you that your tea is done after 10 mins for example. I used this when i wanted to make some hot drink for my coding sessions. So i would setup the drink and i will let it cool and use that to remind me when it would be done. Or when i would run a long compilation process that takes several minutes to finish, i just put it on another workspace and set this to remind me after a few minutes.

Bomb Maker is a gnome applet that tries to clone this with a twist. It is a reminder applet in which you choose a certain bomb type and it goes off after its time period elapses. You can also choose to manufacture a custom bomb type which has a custom time period till explosion and includes a custom message. Did you ever tell yourself that you will attend to a certain task in 10 mins and then forgot? Well, try this….

Some features include:
-Multiple notifications
-Multiple Time Periods
-Custom Message for Custom Bomb Type
-Custom Time for Custom Bomb Type
-Unlimited persistence of notifications until you dismiss them

The code is not yet ready for release, this is just to wet your appetite. As you can see from the screenshot, some paths still reference my machine and so it is not yet ready for distribution. But i will soon release it for debian based systems as a deb package.

Update: I released the applet, and you can get it .