#barcamp-lebanon Conclusion

BarCamp-Lebanon was great yesterday. Met some interesting people. Attended some interesting sessions(except for the 3rd one which was a waste of my time, notice no coverage) and was surprised at the abundance of geeks and geekets attending. And speaking of things that were good, that veggie pizza was great….

We also all agreed that we need more barcamps, more meet ups and more gatherings like this. To facilitate collaboration between entrepreneurs, hackers, and geeks in general. Very exciting indeed…

I feel like a 90 year old today and I’m paying the price of all of yesterday’s excitement. So forgive me my uploading speed….next up, the photos.

I’d like to thank the organizers of BarCamp-Lebanon, especially David and Sami. If you’d like to know more about the barcamp, you can visit the wiki page at .