barcamp-lebanon session about IP Law and creative commons

Currently attending #barcamp-lebanon. Sitting in a session about IP law and creative commons. The main question is why don’t we promote creative commons as a way for brand recognition in this part of the world. This is specifically true for Arab media networks which are unknown in the western world.

Basically, since the cost of digital distribution is going down, we should use that to promote our brands, our knowledge and even our education.

Discussion moving on towards piracy and why is it widespread in this part of the world. Somebody noted that it is actually a much bigger problem in Asia and is a big problem throughout the world. General consensus is that media distribution that is in place is broken…Having a broken system promotes sharing and some people took it further towards piracy.

Speaker promoting using creative commons for digital content…for non-commercial use. I am not sure about that. I am not against commercial uses, just the way the content is distributed and sold.

Talk about collecting societies, interesting idea…never head about it before. Still not sure. What is being said doesn’t really chime with what i think. Maybe because i write software instead of producing digital media.

I feel like listening to a soft Richard Stallman, “sharing is good”….