Bomb Maker Gnome Applet Released

I finally got around to releasing the BombMaker Gnome applet that i blogged about. I’ll share with you a little secret, I’ve actually been using it for the past 6 months or so. I even learned to package debian packages just so that i can release it.(manually installing gnome applets is a bit too much)

There were a couple of snags along the way, mainly in the packaging part and specifically in using autotools for that. I didn’t use autotools because i think they’re way too complex for something that should be relatively simple. Sadly, the complexity is necessary for autotools because it has to work on some many systems. Whether that complexity is still needed today, especially that the whole world has converged on a few key systems, is a question that is asked often.

So, I’ll blog about it sometime. But for now, you can visit the project page on the main site . And as always, if anybody would like to work with me on this project, I’m just an email away.