The most common problems of online casino operators

The organization of online gambling business can be approached in different ways. But one thing we know for sure: the establishment must work like clockwork. Any failure, regardless of its cause, can enrage even the most loyal player. The competition in this market is so high that the online casino rating can collapse in a matter of days or even hours. Be prepared for problems of any kind: equipment malfunctions, software failures or human error. Any problem is easier and cheaper to prevent than to correct the consequences brought by it. To properly prepare for force majeure, you need to know what they may be. If you want to see examples of successful casinos, check out

Get technical support

The first thing you should do is to establish a quality tech-support for the users. It should not only work when problems occur, but be available 24/7. If the player needs any help, he should get it. An employee of the technical support should provide it, regardless of the complexity of the issue. Online chats work best, where the player communicates with support in real time. The support agent should be trained to communicate with customers, comply with the chain of command and be polite. The site should always have information about alternative methods of contact: phone number and/or e-mail address.

Don’t ignore problems

Believe me, negative reviews on thematic forums are rather mild consequences of online casino failures. These are dealt with by “small” players making small bets. Much more serious are possible legal disputes and regulatory pressure from gambling associations and controlling structures. That is where “big” gamblers turn, whose single bet can exceed thousands of euros. Such clients are ready to make big deposits, but even more eagerly they hire expensive lawyers to represent their interests. Any legal dispute is a potential loss and a blow to reputation. Below we will tell you about the most effective algorithms for solving common users’ problems.

I made a deposit, but the money is not credited to my account

This may happen due to the specifics of banking institutions. Ask the player if there was a withdrawal from his account and if he can provide an electronic copy of the check or statement. If the deposit was really made, the further resolution of the issue should take place without the participation of the gambler, his task is to play.

The money from my account has disappeared

The first thing to do is to tell the player that the problem will be resolved. A detailed history of his financial transactions (deposits, withdrawals, bets, other actions) should be examined. Most often it is enough to determine the reason for what happened. If there is no answer, it is important to find out where the money went. It is necessary to audit financial transactions: employee transfers, deposits and withdrawals, and other payments. If it is a matter of small amounts, and the reason for the disappearance of funds for a short time could not be found out, the decision is usually made in favor of the player.

The request is approved for withdrawal, but the money did not come to the purse

Explain to the client that financial transactions may take from several seconds to several business days, depending on the mode of the bank or payment system.

I was promised bonuses, but I didn’t get them

Check the player’s history to see if all the conditions of the promotion have been met. If you did everything correctly, you should apologize to the client and credit the corresponding bonus manually. Give information about the error to the technical department.

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