About This Gig

Do you want to see your favorite characters sharing a scene of passion with one another? Look no further than this gig!

Pick your fandom, your characters and a very basic plot and I will write what you’d like! Or, you can just pick your ‘dom and I will send you an up to 300 word document that you can enjoy! I write both heterosexual and homosexual work and will write about whatever topics you’d like as long as they do not involve underage, beastiality, or torture/snuff.

I’ve listed some fandoms below, but please message me if you’d like to suggest others as well!

– Supernatural
– Sherlock
– Marvel / DC Universe (film and comic)
– Star Trek
– Star Wars
– Mass Effect (video game characters)
– Game of Thrones

And much more! Please Note: These pieces of fiction are not intended for ebook inclusion or sale.